City Racing 1988-1998: A Partial Account

ICA, London
25 January – 11 March 2001

Fiona Banner, Sally Barker, Gavin Brown, John Burgess, Brian Dawn Chalkley, Keith Coventry, Mathew Collings, Mark Dean, Jeremy Deller, Robert Ellis, Ceal Floyer, Brian Cyril Griffiths, Lucy Gunning, Matt Hale, Stewart Home, Mark Hosking, Imprint 93, Claire de Jong, Marko Lehanka, Hilary Lloyd, Colin Lowe, Sarah Lucas, Jeff Luke, Christina Mackie, Tim Mapston, Gustav Metzger, Jonathan Monk, Muntean/Rosenblum, Paul Noble, Peter Owen, Douglas Park, Janette Parris, Simon Periton, John Pettenuzzo, James Pyman, Brendan Quick, David Rayson, Giorgio Sadotti, George Shaw, Ross Sinclair, Bob and Roberta Smith, Jemima Stehli, Kerry Stewart, Roddy Thomson, David Thorpe, Mark Titchner, Mark Wallinger, Gillian Wearing, Stephen Willats

exhibited works:




‘Nothing to Worry About’ (Easy Rider/Frenzy -6)


‘… we were concerned that the artists selected [by the ICA] from the City Racing roster were mainly the known ones. Perversely, or properly and despite any grumbling we might have made at the time we were always proud of every show we did. City Racing was not about providing a pick up joint for commercial galleries to meet new artists – as happy as we were for any artist to go on to work with whatever commercial gallery – this had nothing to do with us. Nor is it really that interesting to be the first to show someone; what is interesting is to show someone before they’ve become spoilt, and to make the best show possible between the two parties.’
(Paul Noble, quoted in Harnessing the Means of Production, 2003)