Musee d’Art Moderne Grand-duc Jean, Luxembourg
1 Jul – 20 Nov 2006

Marina Abramovic; Emmanuelle Antille; Fikret Atay; Jœ Baldwin; Stephan Balkenhol; Vincent Beaurin; Valérie Belin; Andrea Blum; François Boisrond; Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec; Heath Bunting; Daniel Buren; Robert Breer; Cai Guo-Qiang; Jesse Chapman; Claude Christ; Etienne Cliquet; Claude Closky; Nitzan Cohen; James Coleman; Marc Couturier; François Curlet; Richard Deacon; Mark Dean; Wim Delvoye; Pierre-Olivier Deschamps; Michel Desvigne; Frédéric Druot; David Dubois; Mary Dunning; Tullio Forgiarini; Charles Fréger; Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman; Gaylen Gerber; Jack Goldstein; Michelle Grabner; Hervé Graumann; Konstantin Grcic; Anne-Marie Herckes; Charles Irvin; Paul Kirps; Peter Kogler; Mark Lewis; Léa Linster; Eric Maillet; Jean-Christophe Massinon; Aleksandra Mir; Cercle Ramo Nash; Bruce Nauman; Ott + Stein, Oliver Peters; Albert Oehlen; Philippe Parreno; Ieoh Ming Pei; Joao Penalva; Stephen Prina; Tobias Putrih; Tale of Tales; Tyson Reeder; Pipilotti Rist; Kay Rosen; Sam Salisbury; Frédéric Sanchez; Fernando Sánchez Castillo; Jœ Scanlan; Adrian Schiess; Julian Schnabel; David Shrigley; Sancho Silva; Thomas Struth; Martin Szekely; Joël Tettamanti; Bert Theis; Laure Tixier; Su-Mei Tse; Javier Vallhonrat; Didier Vermeiren; Andy Warhol; Nari Ward; André Weisgerber; Bill Woodrow; B. Wurtz; Zhou Yi; Rémy Zaugg; Heimo Zobernig.

Eldorado, Musee d’Art Moderne Grand-duc Jean, Luxembourg, ISBN2-919923-49-8

exhibited works:




Goin’ Back (The Birds/The Byrds x 32 + 1)


Survey by Carole Boulbès for MUDAM

Is a work of art a communication agent between the artist and the spectator? Is it the artist’s duty to communicate ?

A work of art is a communication agent between the artist, the material of the work, other material in the world (including other art works) and other people. The content of the communication is not generated by the artist, but is generated by the communication process.

Is the artist behind or in advance of his time ?

Artists are simultaneously producers and products of cultural time. Also, a work of art has the potential to manifest a non-linear, synthetic time.

What is a painting/photograph/installation… ?

A material answer to an immaterial question.

Is the painting/photograph/video to be hung in a room ?

Q : Whether ? A : Weather

Do you think that one can speak of a good or bad painting / photograph?

Judgement is necessary but impossible.

How do you choose your titles? Do you establish a link between the work and the title?

My titles are recipes for the material (re)construction of the work.

Can we sum up the artist’s work as a succession of periods?

There is also a theory that artists create only one work, in a variety of forms.

Are you avant-gardist, arrière-garde, modern or classical?

En garde, yet pierced to the heart.