Heavier than Air

Imperial War Museum, London
10 December 1998- 28 February 1999
(with Mark Fairnington)

Heavier than Air, Imperial War Museum, London, 1998, ISBN 1-901623-09-2 (catalogue essay by Simon Morley)
Roy Exley, ‘Mark Dean: Dust’, Untitled, No. 18, Spring 1999
Catherine Moriarty & Angela Weight, ‘The Legacy of Interaction’, Tate Papers, Issue 9, Spring 2008, ISSN 1753-9854

exhibited works:




Untitled (Fw190A7-Boeing)


gallery information:

Camera guns have been fitted to fighter aircraft since the First World War. The camera begins filming automatically when the guns are triggered, recording the line of fire and any hits to the target.

No aesthetic decision-making is involved in the film-making process. A cross-hair and target tracking markers are sometimes superimposed on the film afterwards.

Untitled (Fw190A7-Boeing) consists of Second World War camera gun footage of the destruction of an Allied bomber which has been slowed down 5000%, a cross with markers, and five decades of dust. Some of the dust may have come from the sky.

Including works from the IWM collection by H P Burton, Roland Davies, Evelyn Dunbar, E G Lambert, B Howitt-Lodge, Philip Hutton, W McDowell, Philip Meninsky, K J Petts, Austin Spare, S E Thomas, Harold Sandys Williamson, L A Wood, and unknown artists