First Light


















As It Was In The Beginning



Back To The Garden







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℗ 2021 chaplachap records
composed by Mark Dean
© acknowledgements:

First Light (3.13)
Sauve Qui Peut (La Vie) (1980) 

Sky (3.03)
Battle of Britain (1969) VHS version
All Flowers in Time Bend Towards The Sun (Jeff Buckley & Elizabeth Frazer)

Snow (2.03)
Planet Rock (Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force) 
Salad Days (Young Marble Giants) 

Monitors (1.54)
Crt problem (Vitez 2003)
Marquee Moon (Television)

Airwaves (3.01)
Tarzan and His Mate (1934)
The Last Time (The Andrew Oldham Orchestra)

Intro (2.07)
A Damsel in Distress (1937) 
Chance Meeting (Josef K)
20th Century Fox ident
MGM ident
Universal Pictures ident

As It Was In The Beginning (4.48)
foxhole school 1970s paignton devon films (Dennis Howard) 
Totally Wired (The Fall)
Bubbleblower (The Grubby Mitts) 

Back To The Garden (5.31)
the end of genetic studios (James Rushent) 
See Those Eyes (Long Version) (Altered Images, prod. Martin Rushent, ft. James Rushent)

Incorruption (3.43)
You’ll Never Get Rich (1941) 
Ice & Snow (Sambassadeur)