Loss Leader



Pastiche Icon



Rainbow Road



The Way Of The Saints



Hunky Dory









Clean Time



Looking For Another Pure Love



Idol Youth



Mistaken Identity




Pastiche Icons LP

℗ 2023 chaplachap records
composed by Mark Dean
© acknowledgements:

Loss Leader (1.57)
Forget About Life (Alvvays)

Pastiche Icon (13.36)
Screen Test: Edie Sedgwick (1965)
Full Of Life (Christine and the Queens)

Rainbow Road (3.59)
Wonder Woman (1977)
Silver Cloud (La Düsseldorf)

The Way Of The Saints (4.59)
The Saint (1962-1965)
Black Coffee (All Saints) 

Hunky Dory (3.50)
Queen Christina (1933) 
Joan of Arc [Screen Test] (1934)

Repercussion (2.49)
No Reason (Minor Threat)

Clean Time (3.50)
Pure (Marsheaux)

Looking For Another Pure Love (4.30)
Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever (1983)
Tomorrow (Morrissey)
Yes God is Real (Michelle Shocked)
Love Vigilantes (New Order)
Pure (Lightning Seeds) 
Pure (Marsheaux)

Idol Youth (5.17)
Scott Street (Phoebe Bridgers)

Mistaken Identity (3.48)
If— (Dennis Hopper on The Johnny Cash Show)
if…. (1968)
Laughing (David Crosby)