Satellite (44100:50=882)

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LCD video projection with CRT video and sound monitor
duration: 52 min

starring: Marilyn Harris

Love Story, Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, London, 2004

Sally O’Reilly, ‘Love Story’, Art Monthly no. 282, December 2004
Fisun Gurner, ‘Love Story’, Metro, 9 November 2004

© acknowledgements:
Frankenstein (1931) 
Satellite (Sex Pistols) 

Satellite (44100:50=882) takes the line “I Love You” from the Sex Pistols song ‘Satellite’ and stretches it out by a factor of 882. This number is the combined ratio of the frequencies of digital audio (44100 hz) and analogue video (50hz). The resulting audio track accompanies video of the exchange between the Creature and Maria in James Whale’s ‘Frankenstein’, slowed by the same factor. Alternate fields of the video frames are blank; when the same signal is played on projector and monitor, their different scanning technologies (progressive and interlaced respectively) are revealed by the flicker of the monitor screen.