Scorpio Rising 2


designed by Christian Küsters for Mudam Luxembourg







The Birth of Jesus



The Flight Into Egypt



The Massacre of the Innocents



The Baptism of Christ



The Temptation in the Desert



Jesus Calls the First Disciples



Jesus Heals the Sick



The Sermon on the Mount



The Feeding of the Five Thousand



Jesus Walks on Water



The True Kindred of Jesus



The Rich Man



The Dance of Salome



The Death of John the Baptist



The Confession of Peter



The Greatest in Heaven



The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem



The Cleansing of the Temple



The Question of Authority



The Question about the Resurrection



The Plot to Kill Jesus



The Last Supper



The Agony in the Garden



The Trial of Jesus



The Denial of Peter



The Crucifixion



The Entombment



The Resurrection



Scorpio Rising 2 (The Gospel according to St Matthew / Hells Angels on Wheels)

video & sound
duration: 130 min

Instantaneous, Beaconsfield, London, 1998
About Belief, South London Gallery, London, 2002
Scorpio Rising 2, The Church of the Holy Trinity & St Mary, Berwick-upon-Tweed, 2007
Mark Dean: The Beginning of The End, Beaconsfield, London, 2010
St Phillip’s Church, Salford, 2012  (in conjunction with Brittle Crazie Glasse)
ANDOR Gallery London, 2012
Modern Art Oxford, 2014

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© acknowledgements:
The Gospel According to St. Matthew (1964) 
Hells Angels on Wheels (1967)