ANDOR Gallery, London, 2012
Art Bosphorus, Istanbul, 2013
Supernormal Festival, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire, 2013
Modern Art Oxford, 2013/14

After/Hours/Drop/Box LIVE, Spike Island, Bristol, 2014 (with panel discussion)

George Barber, Michael Bell-Smith, David Blandy, Paul B Davis, Mark Dean, Graham Dolphin, Peter Donaldson, The Duvet Brothers, Gery Georgeiva, Guthrie Lonergan, Andrew Mania, Christian “Megazord” Oldham, Hannah Perry, Juha Van Ingen, James Robertson, Roy Voss, Pil and Galia Kollectiv

exhibited works:




Scorpio Rising 3 (FFYR)





Crimson & Clover (Version)





Open Your Eyes (Syd/Vicious)


gallery information:

AFTER/HOURS/DROP/BOX examines the influence of the music video and its relationship to contemporary art. A consistently experimental genre, the music video spans a changing technological period. From the early documentation of live performance, artists have both incorporated and influenced the narrative techniques and marketing devices employed by the music industry. AFTER/HOURS/DROP/BOX, an exhibition devised and developed by artist John Lawrence and produced in collaboration with ANDOR, draws upon the reciprocal relationship of the artist as both a radical innovator and as an active and influential consumer of the medium. The exhibition displays seminal works by early British Scratch video artists, such as George Barber and the Duvet Brothers, and marks the enduring influence of the music video up to its current significance in contemporary art.