All The Time (Paranoid x 256 x 33 1/3)

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silent video
duration: 13 hours

Klega’s Flat, Sali Gia Gallery, London, 1999
Synchronicity, Laurent Delaye Gallery, London, 1999
Video Vibe, Gallery of the British School in Rome, 2000, and touring to Gallery of Modern Art, Bergamo; MAN, Nuoro; Salara, Bologna; Palazzo Ducale, Genoa; Argos, Brussels; CAC, Vilnius; Elektra Festival, Montréal

Simon Morrissey, ‘Nothing here, nothing to fear: The work of Graham Gussin and Mark Dean’, Contemporary Visual Arts, October 1999, Issue 25
Video Vibe: Art, Music & Video in the UK, Castelvecchi Arte, Rome, 2000, ISBN 88-8210-230-0

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Paranoid (Black Sabbath)